Walkind Dead (my other favorite show)

With Game of Thrones off for an eternity, lets get to our other favorite show The Walking Dead. If your reading this blog I presume you are all caught up and up to date with the show I don’t want to ruin anything for you.  So, the last season ended after that brutal encounter with Daryl and his new road dogs.  Then after this long journey from the prison they finally make it to Terminus only to realize they are part of another trap. Although Rick did well trying thwart the plan they still end up in back of the rail car with the rest of is long lost group (or most of them). Then the season ends with a pretty determined will to keep his group safe and escape. Remember they did bury their weapons before they went in to Terminus. Rick has recovered well and is back to the fearless leader the group needs him to be.  Check back for my full season recap and preview of season 5.

My favorite show is Game of Thrones

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This is the start of a beautiful thing. We are going to share all of our thoughts and hopefully no spoilers for you because you’ve have had to seen all of the episodes who hasn’t? If you haven’t don’t scroll down this blog because we don’t want to ruin something so beautiful. I’m very jealous of newcomers to Game of Thrones (GoT). They get to enjoy this for the first time. To be young again. Hopefully you don’t blow your load all at once and binge watch all of them in a week but it is very likely to happen. Once the groundwork is laid and Ned Stark is decapitated you then realize your in for a hell of a ride if you didn’t already. I will be mostly talking about the episodes right after they air every week and be discussing my very elaborate opinions on all the different scenarios that I think will play out so stay tuned all you GoT heads.